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Repo info
@r-christie I search ... I test with Linux, and Docker : https://www.visionduweb.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Installer_DemocracyOS
@everyone : How can i change the path url, in the mail ? The path in the mail is http://mongo:3000/signup/validate/5bb6a423..
Hi. Yes, i have installed DemocracyOS !!! -> http://unis-pour-la-planete.com:3000/
I need change the path url, in the mail. I have this in the mail : http://mongo:3000/signup/validate/5bb6a423.....
Can you give help for that ?

Hi everyone and happy new year ! I'm trying to figure how to get the embebed notifier working. My DemocracyOS version is 2.11.16 and my server is running with CentOS 7 (using a Plesk interface). I set my configuration environment as explained here : https://docs.democracyos.org/configuration.html
The api is running on production on port 4443 with the right config set on my production.json file. I got a SendGrid account and tried different configurations mentioned in this chat, but the notifier is still not sending anything.
Here is my config :

"notifications": {
"url": "",
"token": "",
"mailer": {
"name": "My domain",
"email": "noreply@mydomain.com",
"service": "SendGrid",
"auth": {
"user": "mysendgridusername",
"pass": "mysendgridpassword"
"nodemailer": {"port":4443,"secure":true}

Could anyone help me with that issue ?
Thanks in advance !

@franciclo @bazzar1980 @ZerooCool @timo0 @gvilarino @moustachu Any ideas ? Thanks a lot and have a good day !
@savoirdusage I don't, with my - little - test with docker, i have the same, when i use "nodemailer": {........}
If i don't use any value in "nodemailer": { ...... } then, it's ok !
Thanks @ZerooCool ! Unfortunately it's still not working...
Hi everyone.
I'm trying to deploy DemocracyOs on Heroku but having trouble with : Cannot find module 'is-my-schema-valid' in api-v2\validate\index.js
Is someone know how to solve this problem ?
Thanks in advance
hoarau charli
I have un issue with DemocracyOs when i vote i get message =>"Une erreur est apparue lors du traitement de votre vote. S'il vous plaît essayez à nouveau." but the vote ut the vote is taken into account
Kevin Elliott
What software do you use for the wiki/docs site?
Kevin Elliott
Hello @hoarau_charli_twitter i have the same issue. I think that problem is due to MongoDB version, i'm using 4.0.3 in production and can't downgrade unfortunately.
Kip Silverman
Wanting to check out the platform- the signin is down https://app.democracyos.org/signin
Hola muy buenas, good afternoon to all, im trying to get some support about installation issues, it is this the correct place?
we have been working with Consul for Citizen participation, but due to the recen goverment changes in madrid we move are moving to DemocracyOs
Aslan French
Hey is this project still supported?
Hi guys, anyone currently mantaining dos or any fork of it?
we want to use it for our coop
Chris Sederqvist
Probably one of those projects that sounds awesome in theory, but doesn't work in practice.
Underfunded, undermanned and basically game over
Hey guys! The app is not working. Are you aware?
Edgar Z. Alvarenga
If anyone here is interested I'm working for a while in a project similar with DemocracyOS. It's being used by some German schools and organizations. The project is called Aula (https://aula.de but most info is in German. The repositories are in https://gitlab.com/delibrium) and right now it has only translations to English and German, but it's easy to add new languages (https://gitlab.com/delibrium/aula-app/tree/develop/src/locale). The software is written in Vue, and I'm using Cordova to generate apps to Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.aula) and ios (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/aula/id1453737463). The voting process is in more steps than on DemocracyOS, you can even have delegated voting/liquid democracy, but you can disable it if you want. I used a custom version of DemocracyOS in another project a long time ago (https://github.com/okfn-brasil/euvoto) and I believe that Aula can be used for the same things. There are some things to be done, like enabling oauth2 and user registration (I'm working on it right now, the project is being used in schools were the registration is being done by the administrators only). If someone is interested just reach me up
forgot to mention, there is a demo version on https://demo.aula.de schule: aula user: probe pass: eulenswag
the system was designed to be used on multiple projects/schools at the same time, but it's easy to disable that feature
and the design can be changed easily too as you can see in this other instance https://www.digitald.eu/

Could someone see another way to contact their team, maybe this channel is not official, or not the main official channel? It would be nice to be able to find a real responsiveness in the questions answers, out, here, it seems actually down.

Some notes on this project DemocracyOS, but, it would be necessary to complete, and, to find, to know who really work to date on this project, and, to its maintenance.

Hi... I've heard about democracy os on the radio
Hello @epsalon
End Workplace Abuse Now
I'm looking to see if someone can post examples of this being used?
Ted Curran
Hi -- FYI your demo site is down, as are many of the other known deployments. How's everything going generally?

It seems that here, no one from the original team has been informing us for 1 to 2 years, on this channel, if however it was the original team. These are now only people who tested on their side or who had questions for the original team, which no longer seems to answer.

To the answer, how is it going, I would say, wrong ...
To quote a computer scientist from Joomla: "Because you still believe in democracy?" I think his words mean everything, and are very clear, in the current global context.

Certain tools, which however seem very interesting, see themselves becoming non-functional, and, without any more support from the team, nor, from groups capable of monitoring and carrying out the project, in any case, not via this chat room, or the exchanges are extremely limited.

I had asked if other people know of a more active salon, in which the questions could be better followed, but, no answer was given.

Vladimir Tasev
I'm having problems on setting my configuration
can somebody help, i've got stuck on the documentation
If you don't specify the request, we don't know how to do it.
Vladimir Tasev
I'm stuck on Environment Variables, I've never done such things and I don't understand what to do
can you help me with setting them?
What method for installation? I only flew over the installation via Docker.
Hay alguien en el canal?
Lassane Ouedraogo
Hello. Looking for someone to help me install democracyOS on Plesk Onix
a los que estén viendo esto, el www.consulproject.org esta mejor documentado.... y tiene casi las mismas funciones
hi dears
democracyos is dead now?