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Feb 2015
Ingwie Phoenix
Feb 28 2015 09:13
My cold is finally starting to let loose of myself! Woooo. Now to answer your questions since my brain isn’t mud for once.
Q1: IceTea won’t directly commit suicide only because a target threw an error. I dont know if you ever used the ninja tool - but IceTea works like it. One command throws an error, and it begins to gracefuly shut down. That means, if one out of eight processes throws an error, then the other seven ones get to finish first - then it exits. As I said before, I will be implementing the two-threaded loop. I have the code for it lined up in my head already. :)
Ingwie Phoenix
Feb 28 2015 09:18
I have a RasPi myself, i use it as a NAT bridge (Wifi dongle connects to dorm internet, and the RasPi bridges it to my own AP and acts as a DNS and DHCP server). And as quite a surprise, all the components are confirmed to work on the RasPi. I have seen PHP builds for it too - so that means something! :)
Since the engine has its own little addon system, I could provide the python bindings as a demo, allowing Python to join the party. Although I am not a big snake fan myself… :P (Oh god, I can hear Metal Gear in my head again. I love that game.)
Feb 28 2015 21:57
Cool, what do you think about compiling the "browser part" for raspi and then building some simple applications that can run on raspbian?
once we have that we can add in more and more parts.
might be pretty brilliant for developing user interfaces for scripts, and there are lots of people playing around with the raspberry pi that are doing electronics or other projects so we can show them how to add a nice user interface for the software for their project
nodejs can access the gpio ports so it might be a good fit
Ingwie Phoenix
Feb 28 2015 22:11
I thought about letting people use the GPIO ports on the raspi and also libusb on every platform. because there are people that wanted to do usb development with appjs. so I want to make that possible. Cool thing is, it would be the very same phoenix engine. its no crippled down version, its the same. Maybe slower due to the underlying hardware, but still the same thing.
I am mainly targeting Raspbian…its what I have myself. o.o