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Mar 2015
Ingwie Phoenix
Mar 27 2015 22:47
I just got a new idea - and lots of updates. :3
First on, I have began to work on the new IceTea build executor. That one will take me a while.
But meanwhile I have began to sketch out internals - as in, how to load a bunch of internal modules into angelscript
so in the end i will have the modules automatically register and the structure be similar to nodejs. allowing me to have many modules and add them through the build files, but not needing to change much code
that means that if someone wants to contribute a module to the Phoenix Engine internals, it iwll be very easy for them
or if they want to roll their own specialized distro of it. :3
And, about the idea. I just registered for and i was like „I totally need to code a HTML/CSS/JS prototyping app in Phoenix Engine. is like jsfiddle, if you know that.