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    Jeffery ThaGintoki
    well are interested in creating a framework just for fun and also to learn
    Hello, I want to share with you my new project https://codetrace.io/ - it analyzes your coding skills based on your github profile. Comments are welcome
    Abdulah Hamzic
    @omegascorp What is the amount of xp points you get from a project based on? Lines of code?
    a fun project by the way, good job
    One inconsistent thing though: I can click on the html icon and it will take me to the HTML wikipedia page, but I can't click on the other icons, i.e. js, css, markup
    @hamzicabdulah Amout of xp is based on lines of code. 1000 lines ~ 1 xp + bonus for stars and used technologies
    @hamzicabdulah yeah, some icons has no links but I will add it
    Abdulah Hamzic
    @omegascorp cool stuff :)
    Hello, I want to screen scrape data from this page http://uneb.ac.ug/index.php/exam-centres/ and insert it the scrapped data into my database using php and its curl function. Thanks in advance.
    Jeffery ThaGintoki
    check out phantomjs or selenium and use it to scrap
    Fritz Madden

    I have a question regarding PHP. I have a situation I'm trying to resolve where someone has a connection open to a PHP server that is taking a good while to execute, say for example 10 seconds. If they open another browser tab to the same server and run some other process which takes again, 10 seconds. Then they open a 3rd. 3 tabs in a single browser. The entire process takes 30 seconds or more. If on the other hand, they open one connection in one tab (chrome for example), and then in an entirely different browser (firefox perhaps) to the same server, and then in Opera open a 3rd connection to the same server, then the result is that all 3 execute in 10 seconds. So the problem is not on the server side, meaning the server doesn't seem to be loaded down at all. The problem seems to be with having multiple tabs open to the same service. It doesn't seem to affect any other tabs -- meaning I can open youtube or whatever else and there's no lag.

    Any ideas?

    Fritz Madden
    This might be an issue related to session_write_close()
    I started another community for people who are looking to solve some real code issues they can't seem to figure out, since this one seems to be about random chit-chat about anything, as the name implies. https://gitter.im/Solve-Problems/Lobby
    Taghreed AlShenqiti
    hello can someone help me with php coding
    I need to make a search filter like this website : https://coeffee.com/languageExchange/search
    I have a database that is called ivolunteer
    has two tables now
    one is volunteer and another is organization
    Columns: volunteer ( Username,Name,Email,Password,Skill, Sex)
    Columns: Organization(UsernameOrg,NameOrg,EmailOrg,PasswordOrg,Field)
    I want to have two buttons: 1 for volunteer and 1 for organization
    I want when I click on button (volunteers) I want to get the names of all volunteers in boxes just like the website
    and then be able to filter it according to their Sex, Skill
    using select boxes just like the website
    I want when I click on button (organization) I want to get the names of all organization in boxes just like the website
    and then filter organization based on (Field)
    how can I do that?
    I really hope someone would help me because I'm stuck
    I dont know what to do
    I was wondering if someone could help me with a PHP question. I am not very familiar with PHP and I am trying to figure something out
    I am creating a user on an external service. My call is coming back successful: {"description":"User added
    I am trying pull the $oid info and store it in a database
    I can't figure out how to do that.
    I thought this would work $gsvalue = $gsasset->description->asset_id->oid;
    $gsasset = json_decode($response);
    I have a project installed in SD card and running by raspberry pi , my concern to protect the project from copy or clone .
    at least when you insert SD card in Windows nobody will be able to copy or clone the project
    is there any solution .?
    if you have a method that when you insert SD card in Windows to be formated automatically will be appreciated
    thank u
    @ahmadshanteer in the command line, you can change the permissions so only the root users can modify the file. or make it invisible and change the permission. who is going to copy it?
    oh, that was from sept! this room is dead dead dead
    Any idea where I can find a php developer?

    Hi there, I am a javascript developer. I have a question more to do with backend. I was wondering if someone can help me out.

    Basically I am trying to figure out 'Why' the hash appears in the URL when you submit a contact form and thank you msg appears. Is there any quick way that rather then hash appears, we redirect the user to another page?

    vishal shinde
    @jewilki1 I can help you I am a PHP Developer
    Hey, how's it going? I took a break from Chatting to work on other projects! I'm back now and maybe I'll be more active here again, what's new with you?
    Hi Im New to web development
    im unable to move span to rigth side
    need help
    Hello everybody
    Are there any services, or user API for integrating Viber Telegramm WhatsApp into one chat
    I have some accounts in this messengers, and I need to receive all messages in one chat.
    I am looking for some minimal open source projects for agency that I can deploy on my server.
    Hi guy I am a php developer who is still struggling with oop my biggest problem right now is how do people know what an object is in a website or do you just create object when it occurs to you?
    Liviu Matei
    Hello everyone!
    @LiviuMateiDev You're welcome
    Daniel Alexander Lowes
    @stanliwise Any declaration is an object. Meaning a variable is an object.A function is also an object and a class is an object. OOP is a way of thinking thus the word oriented . it means you declare thing once and can use it multiple times instead of repeating code. classes are what people refer to as objects.but if a fnction is used once multiple times it sure is an object and you can make a variable an object by = to a function hahahah :)
    Hello all. I'm working on a PHP project and I'm trying to level up to some better error logging. For some reason neither ini_set or error_log seem to work. What are some common issues that might cause that?
    Hello Everyone in the room! I have a xampp install problem where Terminal keeps saying 'File not found'. I cd to Downloads where the file sits but Terminal cant see it? Please help.
    Shania Dicen
    @Emmy Why not use complete path instead, also type the list file command to see if the file is listed