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Sep 2015
Yoad Snapir
Sep 20 2015 11:47
@rofr, Thank your for your reply. Sorry for my late reply - It was over the weekend.
I'm currently looking at OrigoDB following a .Net Rocks podcast interview I heard. Building line-of-business applications I know the pains of using distributed transactions and the pitfalls of two-phase commits. Still, some flows require transactionality across multiple resource managers and approaches like compensation actions are too complex to implement.
Sometimes the combinatorical complexity is not something one can reason about.
Since I liked the concepts behind VoltDB, wanted to get to know better OrigoDB and see if that could be used for low-latency requirements I come across.
I have been building applications in the Gaming domains and Financial Trading domains.
Thanks again!
Robert Friberg
Sep 20 2015 20:28
I think you mean the herding code podcast or did I miss a mention on .NET Rocks?
Robert Friberg
Sep 20 2015 20:51
Currently rollback is implemented as "discard the model and do a full restore". This happens only when a command throws an unexpected exception based on the assumption that the model may have been corrupted.
Robert Friberg
Sep 20 2015 21:01
It's probably a really bad idea to expose this mechanism in an explicit transactional API. I've toyed with the idea of reversible commands to support explicit begin/commit/rollback
but this would completely block other transactions