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Sep 2015
Yoad Snapir
Sep 21 2015 12:15
yes, Herding Code, Got confused there.. sorry.
I was thinking along the lines of "transactional memeory"
I am aware of some implementations which offer that type of functionality - but not in .Net.
Are you aware of XAP from GigaSpaces ?
Check under "Data" which is ehat OrigoDB reminds me of the most.
Of course that is a much larger offering but still - After hearing the "Health care" use-case story on the pod cast I believe you are already playing in the "Major League" :)
Thank you @rofr for the information.
Robert Friberg
Sep 21 2015 12:49
XAP had slipped under my radar, thanks for the pointer! Gridgain and Hazelcast have similar offerings.
Yoad Snapir
Sep 21 2015 15:12
Regardless, I plan to play around with OrigoDB and maybe do a lecture to the dev teams in my Company. So they will know what is possible and start to get more detached from the HDD store mindset.. This is awesome.