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Abhishek Das
Glad you set this up
I had a few issues getting it to play well with zsh
And after installing, luaver prints fine
But when I do luaver install 5.2.4, it says __luaver_print:2: = not found
Dhaval Kapil
Thanks for pointing out! Will fix it.
Dhaval Kapil
@abhshkdz Replace your ~/.luaver/luaver with https://github.com/DhavalKapil/luaver/blob/zsh/luaver and try again. I tried to fix all the issues. Let me know if you face any.
Abhishek Das
Thanks @DhavalKapil. This works to some extent. It downloads and runs a bunch of commands
cd src && install -p -m 0644 lua.h luaconf.h lualib.h lauxlib.h lua.hpp /Users/abhshkdz/.luaver/lua/5.3.1/include
cd src && install -p -m 0644 liblua.a /Users/abhshkdz/.luaver/lua/5.3.1/lib
cd doc && install -p -m 0644 lua.1 luac.1 /Users/abhshkdz/.luaver/lua/5.3.1/man/man1
__luaver_install_lua:read:21: -p: no coprocess
^These are the last 4 lines of output
Dhaval Kapil
Fixed @abhshkdz. Don't know how I missed this.
Abhishek Das
Seem to be getting there
install seems to get stuck on the last command, but when I press 'enter' it clears up
list prints 5-6 blank lines though
Dhaval Kapil
I am not getting any such issue. Which os? zsh version?
Abhishek Das
I'll post a screenshot, wait
zsh 5.2 (x86_64-apple-darwin15.0.0)
Dhaval Kapil
I see, it's an issue with the kind of print I'm using
No debug statement is getting printed
Thanks will look into it :)
Abhishek Das
cool :thumbsup:
Dhaval Kapil
@abhshkdz a little question, do colors show up in your terminal when you use nvm list?
Dhaval Kapil
And does printf "\033[1mSome Text\033[0m" print in bold?
Massimiliano Bertinetti
Hi @DhavalKapil . I'm writing the new docs for Sailor where I advise to use Luaver for having support for Lua 5.1 and 5.3. I do this personally on Mac and Ubuntu but I lack this experience on Arch based system. I know that Manjaro and Antergos comes with Lua 5.3 preinstalled because of some VLC plugin. How can I procede?
Massimiliano Bertinetti
Loop is a T9 problem lol
Dhaval Kapil
@CodelessFuture I haven't tried it on Arch system. However, luaver is designed to work regardless of any existing installations and wouldn't interfere with any.
Let me know if you face any problems though
Jitesh Pabla
Hi, is there a way to install a locally built luarocks using luaver?