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Aug 2016
Beth Okun
Aug 01 2016 17:18
webex meeting anyone?
Harsh Govind
Aug 01 2016 17:43
In meetings
@here please put the status here everyone . Thanks
Ed Diana
Aug 01 2016 18:02
I pushed up a compile script for the Boost libraries. Am looking at some of the other libs right now - let me know if there's one in particular I should go after next.
Beth Okun
Aug 01 2016 19:33
Hi, I uploaded the GEOS_x86Release library, and the scripts for all 4 of the Geos libraries. All four of the libraries are completed, I just need to get github working on one of my machines.............for the Geos_x86Release I used the "Upload Files" button, but it I need to push the rest. After that, I plan to document the directory structure, and then get moving on the next library.
Ed Diana
Aug 01 2016 20:55
Unless anyone is already on it, I'm starting w/ cppunit. Let me know if thats one anyone else is working on or if there's a higher priority, and if so, I'll switch to a different lib.
Christopher McGeorge
Aug 01 2016 23:02
Hi. I am taking today off, but I am currently working on LibLAS and LAStools. Great job on getting GEOS and Boost done, Beth and Ed. Ed: I compiled CppUnit in the past--but did not write the Python scripts--so please let me know if you run into any compile errors with which you have trouble.