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Aug 2016
Ed Diana
Aug 23 2016 00:08
@surge-cmcgeorge Sure, ok w/ me
Christopher McGeorge
Aug 23 2016 03:41
@BethOkun and @eddiana: I finished OpenThreads; could you please suggest another library on which I can work that neither of you are working on? (Sorry, I wasn't sure whether there was a status meeting today, so I do not know which libraries you are working on.) Alternatively, do you need my help with the libraries on which you are working? Thank you.
Ed Diana
Aug 23 2016 04:04
@surge-cmcgeorge Any are ok w/ me. I'm on OGDI at the moment.
Beth Okun
Aug 23 2016 12:51
Hi's a few that haven't been touched yet.......please feel free to pick whichever one you'd like: Aqua, Kakadu, LizardTech, QGis...........thank you.........
Ed Diana
Aug 23 2016 19:17
Sorry I missed the meeting. They're building a bridge over the interstate near me, and this is the 3rd power outage we've had since they started.
I've got OGDI compiling and linking. I still have to finish the config of the VS solution so that its putting everything where it should, and then put together the python script for it. I should have that done by tomorrow.
Des Petrie
Aug 23 2016 19:22
Thanks for the update Ed