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Aug 2016
Wes Hildebrandt
Aug 31 2016 17:10
@mv003348 - there is a Subversion "export" command that will dump the folder structure without the .svn folders .. I don't remember the exact command or syntax, but that might save you some hassle
Mitul Patel
Aug 31 2016 18:33
@WesHildebrandt - Thank You. I will give that a try as well. I also learned that there might be old shapefiles in the repo which could explain why the file size is around 34GB. I need to investigate the tree strucuture and find that out.
Ed Diana
Aug 31 2016 18:35
@mv003348 the VMs may need to be resized if the code base is that large. The build VM I'm using right now only has 16GB left after installing all the C++ support, Windows SDK's, and the tools source itself.
Mitul Patel
Aug 31 2016 18:37
@eddiana - sure thing. I am trying to migrate the code into github and I know it can't handle anything over 1GB files, so the removal of test shapefiles (if that's what is taking up the space) will have to happen.
Mitul Patel
Aug 31 2016 19:39

Here is the current breakdown of the SADEV code base:

mitul.patel@sadev:~/sadev-export$ du -sh .
79G .
mitul.patel@sadev:~/sadev-export$ du -sh sa/
15G sa/
mitul.patel@sadev:~/sadev-export$ du -sh common/
3.8G common/
mitul.patel@sadev:~/sadev-export$ du -sh tools/
57G tools/
mitul.patel@sadev:~/sadev-export$ du -sh SaCommon/
3.8G SaCommon/

Wes Hildebrandt
Aug 31 2016 20:00
@mv003348 - have you used something like WinDirStat or SpaceSniffer to see the space distribution? both free tools create explorable treemap views, and as a bonus at least WinDirStat will color spaces by the file type