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Sep 2016
Beth Okun
Sep 09 2016 04:11

Hi Chris,
I walked through the code this evening, placing print statements all along the way. For some unknown reason, the failure occurs in the removeDirectory call. When I comment that out, the directories do not get removed, and the code executes as expected.
The thing that's so weird about it is that it's the same code as in the test_uriparser, which does run the code correctly as is.

Anyhow, I will test this across the board tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for everything as to you soon......


Christopher McGeorge
Sep 09 2016 04:14
@BethOkun: Hi, Beth. I think that deleting the directory would delete the DLL, right? If so, could you please try adding the library path (e.g., Tools\sdk\x86\lib) to the PATH environment variable, as I do in the Bison test script? Thank you.
Beth Okun
Sep 09 2016 13:24
Thank you, Chris......I knew it was deleting the dll (and the test xml file)........I'll make the needed changes and I'll let you know..............thanks again........
Ed Diana
Sep 09 2016 20:20
Just fyi, its looking like OpenSceneGraph supports a plugin called Jasper, which is a JPEG2000 library.
So that may be a suitable alternative to Kadu... I can't spell it :-)
Wes Hildebrandt
Sep 09 2016 20:22
Let's keep that in mind as an alternative to Kakadu .. I don't think we need to worry about it until we build the full SA code and see where it relies on Kakadu (even assuming it actually does)