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Sep 2016
Mitul Patel
Sep 15 2016 14:53
@WesHildebrandt - to confirm: You want logs for tools/sdk, tools/src, sa/sa, sa/ArcMapPlugin, sa/SaDocs, sa/SaSpadac, sa/SaTools
Wes Hildebrandt
Sep 15 2016 15:12
yes, @mv003348 , I think that will wrap it up
Mitul Patel
Sep 15 2016 15:18
okay -- I am checking out the tools/ directory again to get you what you need
Mitul Patel
Sep 15 2016 17:13
@WesHildebrandt - I have upload a few more svn commit history logs into GitHub. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Christopher McGeorge
Sep 15 2016 17:22

@DesPetrie and @WesHildebrandt: I tried to compile SA\trunk\LicenseManager\StdAlone\stdAlone.sln solution, and I was able to resolve the path-related issues. The solution, however, is looking for FlexNet files:

(The solution is looking also for Qt, but I am able to get around that by using Qt with open-source licensing.)

@BethOkun: Would you like me to take a look at your LibKML build script?
Wes Hildebrandt
Sep 15 2016 17:42
@surge-cmcgeorge : here are some files and a directory that may give you the FlexNet library you need (especially the directory):
Beth Okun
Sep 15 2016 18:23
Hi Chris.............thanks so this point I don't think it's the build script, but if that turns out to be the case, I'll let you know............that you very much for to you soon..........Beth