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Sep 2016
Des Petrie
Sep 27 2016 01:04 UTC
@mv003348 I believe Matt fixed it this afternoon, but we can all login tomorrow to confirm
Christopher McGeorge
Sep 27 2016 19:48 UTC
@BethOkun and @eddiana: @des and @WesHildebrandt would like us to divide the remaining third-party issues amongst ourselves and assign them. Do you have preferences on what you would like to work? If not, I will arbitrarily divide them evenly. Thank you.
Ed Diana
Sep 27 2016 20:13 UTC
@surge-cmcgeorge If you want to divide them up thats ok with me. I haven't worked a ton w/ Qt, so I can take the non-qt related libs.
Beth Okun
Sep 27 2016 20:57 UTC
Hi...........Whatever you'd like is fine with me.............