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Oct 2016
Des Petrie
Oct 06 2016 16:16
@/all In lieu of the daily call today, post your daily SA project updates here. Thanks everyone!
Mitul Patel
Oct 06 2016 16:19
Looking into which svn to git tool is best for the code migration. Working with Jesse Ivens to see if corporate has a Arc Server we can utilize or if one could be stood up so mutliple teams can utilize. At some point, we need to discuss a good time to create some backups of the Windows development environment. That's all!
Ed Diana
Oct 06 2016 16:32
I'm working on the Visual Leak Detector lib. It generates a ton of files during the build, so I'm sifting through trying to figure out what files we need.
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 06 2016 17:12
I am trying still to resolve Qt link errors. Also, I plan to find and try out open-source licensing libraries.
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 06 2016 17:18
@DesPetrie: Another question about licensing: Do we want to use licenses that are fixed for each user or shared floating?
Beth Okun
Oct 06 2016 17:34

Good day, Wes..................I spent about an hour-and-a-half researching the SDE library C++ version and available binaries. I found one implementation from an organization called "CRAN" which is an SDE package, and I downloaded the binaries and the source code. Unfortunately, their source code does not bear much resemblance to the SDE library found at the link atop of this page. I really did not find much else except for references to SDE within the GDAL package, also references to OSGeo4W. It looks like GDAL might not be supporting this anymore............not totally sure about that. I have the OSGeo4W on one of my machines and took a look, but did not see SDE listed.

At this time I only have the windows binaries from the CRAN project, and as noted above, the code is quite different from the project noted here: If you'd like me to pursue this further, please do let me know.

Hi.......This morning I did some research regarding binaries for the SED library. Today I plan on finishing up the OpenGL Extension Wrangler python script, and then creating the test cases for it.
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 06 2016 21:33
@DesPetrie: Another licensing question, in addition to my previous one: Would we want to use a hardware dongle?