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Oct 2016
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 12 2016 22:12 UTC

The gSOAP library has three licenses: the gSOAP Public License, which seems to allow unrestricted usage in commercial applications; the GNU Public License, which requires distributing the source code of commercial applications to end users; and commercial licenses. Unfortunately, the gSOAP Public License does not apply to portions of the gSOAP library, in particular the wsdl2h and soapcpp2 tools, both of which are the main reason that we are using gSOAP. And since I do not think that we want to distribute source code to end users, the only legal option is purchasing commercial licenses.

Thinking it over, however, we would not need to purchase licenses if we do not distribute wsdl2th and soapcpp2. That is, I think that these tools generate C++ code from SOAP web services that we then compile and distribute, without distributing the tools themselves. I would need to look at the Signature Analyst code further, however, to verify.