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Oct 2016
Beth Okun
Oct 14 2016 15:58
Hi..............I got my Qt license. Yay! It appears that I don't need to do much with it aside from reconnecting to the account I already created...........
Beth Okun
Oct 14 2016 16:05
I have a few questions regarding Qt lib implementations versus MSBuild ones......I've gotten QWT compiled in 32 bit and 64 you probably know, Qt creates a different folder for the output of each build (x64 debug, etc.), and this folder is outside of the library itself........I guess if we use the current mechanism and just copy the library packages into the build directory, that should work, except do we want to maintain the large library output file names that are the default, or trim the folder names down some while keeping the identity of the folder for each build.....
Des Petrie
Oct 14 2016 17:21
@surge-cmcgeorge In case the comms issues on the call were preventing you from hearing, please see Beth’s comment above about Qt. Let us know what makes the most sense to you here. Thanks!
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 14 2016 17:24
@BethOkun: Can we copy just the files without the directories?
Beth Okun
Oct 14 2016 18:57
I think that if we leave the folders where they are residing now (in the src tree), we could just go in and grab the files we need and copy them over to the ..x86 and x64 directories........they are all there if the build succeeds.......we have to build the 32 bit libs and the 64 bit libs in different versions of Qt, so we end up with four folders, 2 for the 32 bit build and 2 for the 64.....
Beth Okun
Oct 14 2016 19:05
One other thing I think we need to check out is whether or not there will be any incompatibilities between the libs totally built by msvc and those that are build via Qt.....not sure if this will be an issue or not......if everything that gets built is built with the same version of msvc, I think we'll probably be okay......just wanted to mention it as I've seen one issue with one of the test cases I was working on where there was a difference between the version of MSVC that was being used, which was a showstopper with regard to continuing the build........just something to look out for....