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Oct 2016
Des Petrie
Oct 17 2016 17:10
Hi @mv003348, @WesHildebrandt is ready to start moving SA code up to GitHub when you have time? You also mentioned you have thoughts on how to structure the code?
Wes Hildebrandt
Oct 17 2016 17:14
@DesPetrie the docs directory is at Z:\SignatureAnalyst\sa\SaDocs on the server .. it has a directory with Safenet Sentinel stuff in it as well as a Word doc on SA component licenses .. I don't know if either is useful to us anymore or not
Mitul Patel
Oct 17 2016 17:29
@DesPetrie - Thats great. I am working on some MrGeo stuff, but I will reach out to Matt and see if he can help with the migration
Ed Diana
Oct 17 2016 20:51
After installing SA, I noticed that among its DLL's is one for Firebird SQL. So that may need to be added to the library list. It's open source, so shouldn't pose any licensing issues.