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Oct 2016
Christopher McGeorge
Oct 28 2016 15:32


I have an appointment this morning. I do not anticipate it lasting too long, but there is a chance that I might miss the daily status meeting for today. So, just in case, I want to give you my status here.

I have the same status as yesterday: I am continuing to write the build scripts and tests for QuaZIP. I am sorry that it is taking so long, but on the bright side, it is the first library for which I am using Qt. So I should be able to write the build scripts for the other libraries on which I am working that use Qt, in particular, log4cxx and OSSIM more easily. I will work on log4cxx and OSSIM once I finish QuaZIP. Thank you.

Des Petrie
Oct 28 2016 15:47
Thanks @surge-cmcgeorge