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Nov 2016
Ed Diana
Nov 07 2016 18:53
@DesPetrie I have Qt and QWT updated to use the new directory structure for Qt. I've pulled down the SA app source and am going over it now.
Christopher McGeorge
Nov 07 2016 19:24

@DesPetrie: I am working on QuaZIP and OSSIM. I contacted the developer of QuaZIP, and with his help, I was able finally to compile QuaZIP manually. I am now writing the build scripts and tests for QuaZIP.

Contacting the developer made me consider what it takes, in terms of licensing, to use his software. Fortunately, QuaZIP uses an LPGL license, so we can use it in commercial applications. I have not checked the licenses of other third-party libraries, to ensure that we can use them in commercial applications. Is this something that you would like me to do, or have Wes and you already looked into licensing?

Thank you.

Wes Hildebrandt
Nov 07 2016 20:37
I know we looked into them in the past, but I'm not sure about anything in the last few years.
Des Petrie
Nov 07 2016 20:54
To be safe, as we test the libraries, also check the licensing
@surge-cmcgeorge @eddiana
Wes Hildebrandt
Nov 07 2016 21:07
We should start a spreadsheet tracking this
Des Petrie
Nov 07 2016 21:17
@WesHildebrandt I'll turn the libraries status sheet into a license tracker as well and distribute
Wes Hildebrandt
Nov 07 2016 22:24
Sounds good