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Nov 2016
Des Petrie
Nov 17 2016 17:46
I cannot call into the mtg due to the conference but please feel free to meet if you need to discuss anything. @eddiana @surge-cmcgeorge @WesHildebrandt
Wes Hildebrandt
Nov 17 2016 17:47
I was just going to post that I'm debugging with a guy on another project atm and can't call in either .. I say we just "meet" in Gitter today
Ed Diana
Nov 17 2016 18:03
Current status - I'm able to successfully build the SaUtils library, which is one of the main Sa libs. We will have to either replace Flexnet or get an update, as the pre-compiled binaries for them are not compatible with VS2015. I'm going to start working my way up the dependency path now to try to get the rest built.
Wes Hildebrandt
Nov 17 2016 18:03
sounds good .. thanks, Ed
Christopher McGeorge
Nov 17 2016 19:24
I am continuing to work on compiling OSSIM.