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Nov 2016
Ed Diana
Nov 28 2016 18:47
@DesPetrie it looks like my Qt license expired. I was using qmake successfully last night, so it must have just expired. I'll see if I can continue with the LGPL version (for testing purposes)
Ed Diana
Nov 28 2016 19:10
It looks like I can use the open source version of Qt for working with the make files.
Des Petrie
Nov 28 2016 19:12
Thanks @eddiana There is a chance asset management cancelled your subscription instead of Beth's by accident. We should have a yearly license and one monthly till 22 Dec.
I'll check to see what happened. Since we're paying for it till 22 Dec, you might as well have access :)
Ed Diana
Nov 28 2016 19:16
ok, thanks :-) Thats what I was wondering, if they cancelled the wrong subscription.