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Dec 2016
Des Petrie
Dec 05 2016 18:15
Hey @eddiana @WesHildebrandt , @surge-cmcgeorge compiled the 32bit version of SA and is receiving the same errors. He will input the error under GitHub Issue #83 - DigitalGlobe/sa#83
Christopher McGeorge
Dec 05 2016 18:40
@des: I copied the error into Issue #83.
Des Petrie
Dec 05 2016 18:42
Thanks @surge-cmcgeorge !
Ed Diana
Dec 05 2016 20:23
I made an initial attempt at compiling a 64bit SaLib.dll. The c++ code compiled with very minimal changes (just a couple cpp_unit related tweaks). I haven't gotten it to link all the necessary libs into the final dll yet. But I think it will once I get all the 64bit libs it needs in place.