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Dec 2016
Des Petrie
Dec 19 2016 16:33
Hey Ed, we can turn SA on and get to the about window, but we are unable to load a workspace. Not being able to load a workspace also throws an error on the splash screen preventing the application from opening properly. Let me know if you need me to share my screen at any time.
The error received when attempting to create a workspace is "Failure loading database server" @eddiana
Christopher McGeorge
Dec 19 2016 19:09
@DesPetrie: I was able to locate my credentials for the DEV virtual machine, but I get the following error when I attempt to log in: "This user account's password has expired. The password must change in order to logon. Please update the password or contact your system administrator or technical support." Unfortunately, I cannot change my password without logging in!
Des Petrie
Dec 19 2016 20:25
@surge-cmcgeorge Thanks. I'll take a look.
Des Petrie
Dec 19 2016 21:35
@eddiana we are unabel to get the worspaces to load anymore and get the following errors:ErrorSA1- Error after trying to open existing workspace.
ErrorSA2- Error after trying to open SA.
ErrorSA3- Error after trying to create new workspace.
Ed Diana
Dec 19 2016 21:46
I was able to duplicate this as well. I believe its due to a missing firebird/interbase SQL dll for Qt. I've been trying to figure out what I need to do to build that.