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Feb 2016
Rex Madden
Feb 06 2016 00:24
Is there a way to send Ether in a transaction? I didn't see anything in the source.
Jikku Jose
Feb 06 2016 03:03
[Noob question]: Can I do simple transactions using this? If so can anyone show an example?
Anthony C. Eufemio
Feb 06 2016 05:20
if you instantiate an Ethereum::Client
you can instantiate either an IpcClient or HttpClient
IpcClient requires path to the ipc socket file and HttpClient requires RPC host/port
we will be adding external signing soon
Jikku Jose
Feb 06 2016 10:51
@tymat cool!
Jikku Jose
Feb 06 2016 10:56
Can you give me an example of the data object? I am only used to geth (
Jikku Jose
Feb 06 2016 15:11
Also, what needs to be given for host & port? How to find the values.