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Feb 2016
Feb 28 2016 08:54
you have to install a compiler on your system
for solidity
Feb 28 2016 21:10
Oh i installed it with npm
still no beans
Feb 28 2016 21:10
which client do you use? geth?
you need to install solc on the system where to rpc client is running
and after that you have to add it to the client (if it does not recognize the solc on its own)
sudo apt-get install solc
which solc
and in geth:
omg thanks so much
got it working!!
that was super hard to find
geth should just include the compilers by default.. oh well maybe one day it will
Feb 28 2016 21:23
the problem is that geth is the golang implementation and the compiler itself gets shipped with the c++ project. so if you get the ++eth client with the full stack of webthree-umbrella, you already have solc included :)