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But am having trouble with template does not exist, can I get help please thank you
Suyoj Man Tamrakar
@emperor0004 Could you please post the error log as well..So that it could be more clear to us?
Hi, I'm running through the tutorial and trying to deploy the server. But I'm getting this error when I try to run it: "Error: [errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed"
@Nollonpollon did you fill in ALLOWED_HOSTS in your mysite/settings.py file? Or is it an empty list?
@dtomlinson91 Hi, I tried both filling it out and keeping it empty 🙂

Do you know if you are behind a proxy? This error is raised from the socket package: https://docs.python.org/3.5/library/socket.html#socket.getaddrinfo and could be for many reasons, I've seen it if it cannot resolve a hostname when I'm behind a proxy server.

Are you trying to start the webserver locally, or are you trying to host on pythonanywhere?

Makes sense, but i'm not behind a proxy. I'm just trying to host it locally for now
Hmm, is it failing when you do a python manage.py runserver? Can you try the command python manage.py runserver
Or if you’re on Windows try 0:8000 instead
Yea, so when i do "python manage.py runserver 0:8000" then it gives me that error. When i do it without 0:8000 it gives me the UnicodeDecodeError
Supratik Sarkar
Is it really possible to completely skip CSS and use Django to build good UI for my portfolio?
Vishesh Mangla
nobody 's stopping you even if u r a boy.
the community is named as "...".
@XtremeGood ok thank u
Виктория Романюк
Hi, everybody! :)
I like Django a lot :)
I am from Kyiv
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Hi Victoria, I like Django too!
And also chess (of the Russian kind) if you play that :)
Виктория Романюк
@nikochiko yes, the chess is very amazing hobby for mind, and I play in chess sometimes because I don't have partner for this game. Django I have been learning 5 months and today I saw this forum :) I would like to be helpfull in this community :)
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Oh that's cool! I am new as well :D

Hi, I am new here and I am just trying to start with django, but I have a problem. Right at the beginning. When setting in console: django-admin.py startproject mysite . I get : #!c:\users\olga\djangogirls_venv_\scripts\python.exe
from django.core import management

if name == "main":

could you help me what I am doing wrong?
I just completed your "blog" tutorial (great job by the way) and it works as expected. One thing that I'd really like to see, however, is additional of a search form in the blog. Is it something you would consider adding?
Raja Wajahat Hussain
what actuallly allowed hosts are?
Piotr Niełacny
@rajawajahat list of domains that server will accept
This is becasue on one server you can have more than one website and it will recognize this by host
@Tichankova_gitlab is there some more information?
Mohd Mujtaba
Hello there.. I am mohd mujtaba I am new to here good to see you all guys and I will help everyone whatever I know and I want you guys to help me which I don't know about . Thanks in advance.
Yash Garg

in models.py i have choices in a field-

('APPROVED', 'Approved'),
approvalstatus = models.CharField(("Approval Status"),max_length=8,null=False,blank=False,choices=APPROVAL_CHOICES, default='Approved')

i wants to update value of approval_status field from views.py-

if Splash.objects.filter(ip_address = ipaddress).exists():
obj.approval_status = 'Pending'

i also tried-
obj.approval_status = obj.APPROVAL_CHOICES[1][1]

please suggest how can i update my approval_choices value from views.py.

Also, i'm unable to fetch session id using this statement-
obj.session_id = request.session.session_key
please also tell how can i fetch session key of a user.


Piotr Niełacny
@gargyash512_gitlab maybe you need to execute #save method as well
Yash Garg

@gargyash512_gitlab maybe you need to execute #save method as well

i'm saving after updation
i.e. obj.save()
but the problem is i'm unable to update the value of choice field

Piotr Niełacny
@gargyash512_gitlab do you tried this in console / shell?
manage.py shell
Mohd Mujtaba
What are the best way to keep track of user session in Django.. Like in flask we have session and cookie ??
Piotr Niełacny
I think solution for the web is the same -- cookies
Mohd Mujtaba
I have studied on google that cookies has many disadvantages and it's better to use session instead .
Имран Ильясов
Hi, Help
File "C:\Users\imran\Desktop\Django\imran\mysite\urls.py", line 20, in <module>
path('admin/', admin.site.urls),
NameError: name 'path' is not defined
@imrangerga_twitter use IMPORT to import path()
Andrea Petriku

Hi, I'm trying to run my new Django webapp on pythonanywhere.com, but after following all installing steps it says

ImportError: Your WhiteNoise configuration is incompatible with WhiteNoise v4.0

and doesn't load the webapp.

I'm using Python 3.8, Django 3.0.2 and the latest whitenoise 5.0.1

I tried to downgrade the whitenoise version to 4.0 and 3.31 but the error still raises :(

Hi all I am stuck at a place - I am using a Bootstrapios template for Django and when I try using my own image.png as Logo it does not show up but the .png that comes with the template shows up.Any help please
Mark Meier
@imrangerga_twitter did u make the import for path? "from django.urls import path"
Mark Meier
Hey gibt es hier jemanden, der lust hat mit mir python3/django3 zu lernen? ich bin noch recht am anfang und würde mich da gerne regelmäßig austauschen oder wir arbeiten an einem Projekt gemeinsam. (Falls du Berliner bist noch besser :D)
Schreib mich via Pricat Chat dann an oder falls es hier eine PM funktion gibt dann darüber.
hi i'm stuck with connecting icloud with my django app to list the contents, does anyone know how that can be achieved?
Brice Copy
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has looked into porting the Django Girls tutorial to glitch.com ? they support sqllite and python, integrate with github, support team development, we are thinking this might be an ideal platform to simplify some aspects of the tutorial we found to be a bit fiddly
Changes made in the blog not visible in the python anywhere site . Plzzzzz help
seung min
i was trying to use latest django version with pycharm and python 3.6 but although i updated sqlite 3.7.17 to 3.30.xx(latest version) it has same error {have to use 3.8.3 or later version}