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ShinProg (Logan Tann)

My "chevron_left" and "chevron_right" is not working.... and upon seeing the website (https://materializecss.com/icons.html), it really is NOT working? Any update from you guys??

make sure you included this in the head <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons" rel="stylesheet">

Esteban castro Sola

Hi there! As infodynamicsRene says, the icons do not work. They do not appear on the https://materializecss.com/icons.html website, only the label appears.

In the console I have this error:
Failed to decode downloaded font: https://fonts.gstatic.com/s/materialicons/v102/flUhRq6tzZclQEJ-Vdg-IuiaDsNc.woff2

@infodynamicsrene Hi! Have you been able to solve the error?
hi, is there a chance that some old browser will not support MaterializeCSS? How old browsers would it be?
Esteban castro Sola
Hi, the error occur in Chrome latest version, Firefox latest version and Chromium latest version
How to save my website form profile and password
hi, can anyone help me find the issue in my code.Dropdown not working properly is the issue.
the code snippets available here
better if materialize add every color known publicly with special names to css class like lavender ivory silver navy blue lilac
boy things have gone reeaaally quiet in here..... if anyone is still around, can anyone help me with an interesting scenario. I'm using the Materializecss datepicker .... I am using it to setup sporting matches on a specific day of the week, depending on the competition selected. So if I select Monday Mixed Basketball I only want the Monday's to be enabled but if I select Wacky Wednesday's, well I then only want Wednesday's enabled. I was thinking the easiest was to do this would be to have a data attribute with the day of the week and then use that in the disableDayFn method.... but I can't work out for the life of me how to access the data attribute. I'm trying to avoid using ID's or anything remotely hard coded. Any ideas?
Grzesiek Kozdroj
While using materialize carousel with react router, if the carousel is initiated through router it doesn't show. I cannot seem to initialise it in neither through componentDidMount nor in useEffect. These just throw error that on line 529 of materialize.js, this[0] is undefined
Chuck McKnight
@jshster, the new development on materialize is on the 1.1 branch (see my comment above). That group is more active than this one which seems to be somewhat abandoned.
1 reply
function multiply(a, b){
a * b
what is the problem in this javascript code ??
@Yousifnaim you aren’t returning the value. The body of the function should read as follows:
return a*b;
SeCrEt BoY™
const multiply = (a,b) => {a*b}
Hello guys, currently im working on a project and I need some help. Is it possible to reinitialize? I'm creating some popups and the functions aren't triggering. I think its because they are not registered in the object, arent they?
Chuck McKnight
@angu-dev Yes, I was informed of this a few months ago. You need to re-initialize with the same 'options' and everything works. I was using a select list and needed to re-initialize the control (which is wrapped in other stuff, hence the need for re-initialization).

Here's the thread:

@cmcknight i haven't stepped through you code and don't have time, but selects must be re-initialised after you mess with them.

  1. <Select></select> - this is the point of reference
  2. Initialize the select.
  3. Materialize then takes the select, hides it, and replaces it with text input and dropdown
  4. Make changes to the original select (for instance, adding, removing ect)
  5. Initialize again to see the changes take effect

from https://gitter.im/materializecss/materialize where all of the new development is occurring.

Charlie Appleton
hey guys, is there any way of changing the colours of a switch and other input elements? i know how to edit the colours of text inputs, but i was wondering if there was a similar way for the others
Chuck McKnight
Have you tried overriding the colors in CSS using the !important flag?
ShinProg (Logan Tann)
!important is considerate as a bad practice, the best way is to use strong CSS selectors
Chuck McKnight
I'm not sure I know what you mean by a strong CSS selector. Could you explain

hello everyone, I'm having a bit of an issue with the select component in materialize + angular (using it as a common js library)
In particular, I can initialize the select, but once I click on it I get an ERROR TypeError: can't access property "getBoundingClientRect", this.el.offsetParent is null

I tried poking inside the code, and the problem is

 key: '_getDropdownPosition',
value: function () {
  this.el.offsetParent.getBoundingClientRect(); <<< here
  var t = this.el.getBoundingClientRect(),

in addition, it seems that that line is useless (unless it forces a recalculation that has some other side effects).
I'm initializing the select like this

  ngDoCheck(): void {
    var elems = document.querySelectorAll('select');
      M.FormSelect.init(elems, {});

so that every time something changes, it is reinitialized. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey! I've never used css i was following a php tutorial but it seems like some things have changed since the tutorial was made cause the same exact code doesn't work.
or at least, it works but it comes up in a different scaling
the class section is supposed to space out stuff right?
aight found the solution
ShinProg (Logan Tann)

I'm not sure I know what you mean by a strong CSS selector. Could you explain

instead of .switch label input[type="checkbox"]:checked + .lever that marterialize uses, you will have to override it to .switch.custom-color label input[type="checkbox"]:checked + .lever and add the custom-color class to the switch element

Hello @SirePi can you share a codepen demonstrating your issue? If that's a bug, we can fix it in the community repository (github.com/materializecss)
I need help
1 reply
I want to use materialize icons in developing a google workspace add-on. The JSON for the add-on requires a URL for the icon. From Google Quickstart:

The above message was cut off:
From Google Add-on Quickstart JSON:
"logoUrl": "https://www.gstatic.com/images/icons/material/system/1x/pets_black_48dp.png"
How do I derive the icon URL from the materialize icons described here:

Thanks for your help,
Mumbling Fumbler

OK, I think I figured it out, but it would be great if the mapping were documented somewhere.
Is there a class for <table> elements to make the rows more compact? I thought there was a while back but I'm re-reading the documentation and can't find it anymore.
hi there!
i'm adding html sel;ect tag in my project but for some reason Materialize's select adding another "select-wrapper class inside my select . can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong here?
i'm new to Materialize theme.
<div class="row">
                    <div class="input-field col s12 m6">
                        <select asp-for="CityId" asp-items="@ViewBag.CitiesSelectList">
                            <option value="" disabled selected>Select City...</option>
                        <span asp-validation-for="CityId" class="text-danger"></span>
this is my code
Hello people,
this is Bharath. amateur in coding
i just came across cdn thing there i have seen 2 links. one for css and other for js. so i just want to know the difference between those 2
Karthick Sundar Subramanian

Hi there! I was using materialize autocomplete form until 2 days ago and it suddenly stopped working

<div class="input-field col s6">
                  <i class="material-icons prefix">find_in_page</i>
                  <input type="text" id="projSel" class="autocomplete" required>
                  <label for="projSel">Select Project</label>

this is my autocomplete element


  function pickProj(options)
   var projPicker = document.getElementById('projSel');  
   var instances = M.Autocomplete.init(projPicker, options);

Confirmed that projPikcer() is returning a list of options but pickProj() callback isn't setting up the autocomplete list.

Hello 👋
@karthicksndr I've just found the same issue with all my autocomplete forms on my web app. Can anyone else confirm this or give any solutions?

@karthicksndr I don't know whether you found a solution, but changing 'null' to 'false' in the autocomplete object did the trick.

Courtesy of a commenter on YouTube (not from me):
The autocomplete list object was being populated correctly serverside (logs showed {bob=null, fred=null, jane=null} etc. but clientside, I was suddenly retrieving an empty object {}. After a LOT of headscratching, it seems something has changed with the way "null" is handled. Previously this worked:

options[v[0]] = null;

As of today (well, for me anyway, who knows how long it's been happening given server upgrades etc.) I need to use:

options[v[0]] = false;

Hope this helps!

Sean Doherty
@ArelGindosKornit there is a callback for on cycle to I believe, check the docs for that page (options)
Anthony Leonardi
I'm having trouble initializing new select elements. Basically I'm adding select elements to the DOM when a user clicks a button. I've tried re-initializing all selects, I've tried initializing just the selects that are added, but the 'new' ones never work. Here's a js fiddle of the code I've got (without the fixes I tried...). https://jsfiddle.net/AJLeonardi/szt1enob/23/
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