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Is this framework still being developed? It has been on version 1.0 for quite a while. Now that @import has been deprecated in sass, will be developed and changed to @use instead.
Isiah cloyd
Can anyone help with using materialize checkboxes? I'm using them in a form tied to a google sheet and although they are checkable, the value always returns false regardless of the status of the checkbox. I'm using the 1.0.0 version. Thanks in advance. My goal is to record the value of the checked box from the form to the spreadsheet (true if checked or false if unchecked). Thanks Doug
Paulo Amaral
Hi! I'm trying to make a combo box with select but the css is confusing the two selects (city and state)
making the city select not open the city options, only displaying the list
        <select id="estados">
          <option value="" disabled selected>Choose your option</option>

          $select = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM estados ORDER BY nome ASC");
          $fetchAll = $select->fetchAll();
          foreach ($fetchAll as $estados) {
            echo '<option value="'.$estados['id'].'">'.$estados['nome'].'</options>';



        <select id="cidades">
          <option value="">Opção</option>


`<script type="text/javascript">
var idEstado = $('#estados').val();
url: 'functions/pega_cidades.php',
type: 'POST',
success: function(data){




$pegaCidades = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM cidades WHERE estados_id='".$_POST['id']."'");
$fetchAll =$pegaCidades->fetchAll();

foreach ($fetchAll as $cidades) {

echo '<option value="'.$cidades['id'].'">'.$cidades['nome'].'</option>';



I am building a CRM application in Ruby/Sinatra using MaterialCSS to present profile data showing tags presented as Chips. The end-user should be able to select, add or delete chips. I am trying to return changes using javascript with Ajax to POST chip data back to the Sinatra application. Does anyone have any reference material or experience with this Chip function?
Does anyone know if this framework is still being actively developed?
@todd0007 we're in the process of getting things moving right now. If you jump over to Github you'll see a discussion around moves to try and get support happening. Is there anything specific that you've got an issue with? Or perhaps a missing feature? I think initially the focus will be on bugs but depending on time there may be scope for enhancements too.
2 replies
My name is Tatiana. I am a development manager at Ampier company. We are engaged in the development of digital products, such as email list services.
We would like to offer you our new project Ampier.
The Ampier project is a completely new approach to creating emails. We focus on a new generation of the emails- amp for email (amp-letters). This technology allows the use of interactive tools - builder, framework, plugin for Figma and "live communication with server".
Is it interesting for you?)
Alejandro Gonzalez Colin
Hey. Is there a Materialize CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK for Django forms / some other way to use Materialize with Django crispy forms?

I have developped a google WebApp using materializecss. It's basically a form to capture and calculate about 30 fields, then populate a google spreadsheet with result. It works well on a laptop, but I have designed for mobile too, testing by reducing the width or my browser. All seems to work well, but when I run it on my phone, although it has reduced the columns down to 1 or 2 columns, it still seems to have the same width as a laptop with very wide fields and tiny fonts. As far as I can see, materialise takes care of all the font sizes, so I have none of my own CSS at all. I feel I should have some media queries, but there's nothing in the docs to explain.

I have created a small example using code from the Marerialize site, just using the "Getting Started" stuff and the code from the "Text Inputs" and it still goes wrong - BUT ONLY ON AN ACTUAL MOBILE! It looks fine on a laptop.

I have posted the example in a code snippet on a SO question here ...


4 replies
Hello everyone. How do you prefill datepicker with value from the server? I thought that if I supply the date string from the server as the value for the input field that has the datepicker class it should do it but it is being ignored... Could not find information on it on the documentation pages so I am asking here...
1 reply
I have a working solution but it can not be the best solution. I am sending the server date as a dataset value. I read it on page load using jquery. Create a date out of it and set it in the options as defaultDate. Then in the option I am setting setDefaultValue: true.
1 reply
Pascal Costa
Hello, Materialize offers very interesting and well finished components. I have a problem with the icons, when I use the Google translator to translate into French, the icons don't work. I can't find a solution for that.
1 reply
Sean Doherty
The icons are generated by a word, that’s how it knows to select the right icon. Need some way to skip any i tags…
Hey guys, okay, I'm facing a difficulty in auto complete, when I perform a search without accents, the input does not return data that have accents or special characters, in these cases I have to type exactly what I need, can you help me configure this?
I am new in materialize CSS but not that new does materialize CSS has classes for padding and margin thanks
Olímpia Thermas Parque
Hi guys, any html template using collapsible js?
My circle picture is not round
How to make it round
I use
<center><img src="img/avatars/mploutowitchy.jpg" alt="<?= $user->name ?>" class="circle" width="50%" height="50%"></center>
1 reply
E. Ewusi-Essel
Hello guys, any one having issues with Materialize Autocomplete not working even after initialising ?
1 reply
Sergio Munoz
Hello. can anyone hear me?
1 reply
Yes I can
In materializecss, SELECT tag is regenerated by JS, so it is a problem that width cannot be set for each SELECT tag.
How did you solve the same problems?
6 replies
Arudi Valentine
1 reply
If anybody is interested, I just threw together a Materialize starter template. Its a public Github repo
9 replies
Hi, if I wanted to add a dropdown menu to a tab navbar to filter categories, how would I do this?
11 replies
Hello, everyone! I'm a full stack developer who have 7+ years experience.
can i use react-material for ecommerce website?
1 reply
please solve my doubt
hi, is it possible to nest collapsible elements? like to have header 1 > header 2 > nested header 3 ...etc .So when header 2 is clicked , show header 3 and when that is clicked show contents
Hello! A managed to use materializecss in my Svelte project by adding declare const M: any; M.AutoInit(); in main.ts. But I use dynamic select which requires: document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
var elems = document.querySelectorAll('select');
var instances = M.FormSelect.init(elems, options);
}); Where I should place this code? In onMount, after the GET ajax call returned? My main problem: in the console/Elements tab I can find the whole select element with the options of my array items. Just the displayed Select is empty. There is no problem with a static select.
Shiv Shankar Dayal
How do I get response of a modal when agree/disagree is clicked?
Is there a way to limit autocomplete fields to only allow the user to choose a listed value and not allow them to enter a new value?

Hi, everyone
I'm looking for a job, can you help me?

Tech stacks related to my past experience:

  • Back-end: Java/Spring Boot/Struts2/NodeJS/Python(Django)/Flask
  • Front-end: ReactJS/NextJS/Angular/Vue.js/Thymleaf/HTML5/GSAP/PixiJs/CSS
  • Database: Oracle, MySql, Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis /MyBatis/JPA/Hibernate
  • 3th Party Platforms: AWS/Firebase/Azure/Kubernetes
  • Others: Asterisk, SMPP, USSD, Socket programming, Multi-Threading, Web/Data Scraping, Bonitasoft(BPNM)

I can work full-time in the time frame you require.
Let me know if you have any good news.

Thibaut Thalamas
@jaczura1977 Hey I have the same problem, did you manage to resolve it ?
I have a need for a form field that allows a user to type ahead to get a list of values to choose from. I've tried a select input but then there is no type ahead or autocomplete unless I revert to a browser-default class. I have also tried an autocomplete input but it allows a user to type in a value that isn't in the list. Any idea on how to either get a select that allows full autocomplete values or an autocomplete that limits the user to the values listed? Thank you for any suggestions.
BlockChain & Web developer


Hi, as a full stack blockchain and web developer, I am looking for a new job opportunity.

Here are my skills


  • 4 years of Solidity development experience
  • Familiarity with common solidity libraries and protocols (e.g. OpenZepplin, Gnosis, Chainlink)
  • Experience testing in Hardhat, Truffle, or similar testing framework
  • Experience with developing Dapp, Defi, NFT minting, staking, marketplace
  • Web3/Ether.js integration
    2) FrontEnd
  • 7 years of frontend programming experience
  • Experience working with SPA(single page application) frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML / SCSS
  • Knowledge of unit testing and best testing practices using Jest or other frameworks
  • Keen eye for modular and reusable code
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs and architecture (HTTP, JSON, status codes, cookies, headers, error handling)
  • Conceptual familiarity with OAuth
  • Comfortable with Agile methodologies, Jira, Git, Gitlab
  • Experience working with Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • Experience with AWS
  • Knowledge of developing on a serverless stack
    3) BackEnd
    5 years of experience in backend development using NodeJS (with knowledge of TypeScript and Express)
    3 years of experience with Django/Flask
    5 years of experience with Laravel/Symphony