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Apr 2015
Maciej Pakulski
Apr 06 2015 07:32
Ok, what about the position of || (continuing discussion from one of the PR's)? One of the benefits of your approach I see right now it's that if you've an if with a few clauses and you want to comment one of them, you just comment one line instead of commening || on the previous line and the clause itself.
Dennis Fischer
Apr 06 2015 10:50
Having the || at the start of the line is closer to natural language. OR y, OR z ... You are not writing x or, y or, z.
Vincent Weijsters
Apr 06 2015 14:16

:point_up: April 5 2015 3:48 PM

That's fine with me

Sam Harwell
Apr 06 2015 15:35
@johnkoerner I'd like to add a line for you as well to #644. See my concerns above regarding email addresses and a .mailmap file.