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Oct 2015
Vincent Weijsters
Oct 27 2015 05:51
Both. The remove fix for #1693 is trivial, but when testing it, I found out that #1693 currently replaces all linked files with a copy, instead of a new link. Haven't found a way to add a new linked file to a project.
Sam Harwell
Oct 27 2015 14:04
@vweijsters When all your project files are in the same folder, they aren't actually linked files but they are included in multiple projects. In this scenario, simple remove from all and add to all works as users would expect.
Ralf Beckers
Oct 27 2015 20:31
is it a compiler bug that I can't suppress a missing (c) header (SA1633) with a pragma warning disable SA1633?
if I choose a suppression file, its content is not stylecop clean ;)
Sam Harwell
Oct 27 2015 21:38
@bexxx It has to do with where we report the SA1633 warning. Since we report it at the beginning of the document, there is no way to position a #pragma warning disable before it.