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Nov 2015
Vincent Weijsters
Nov 07 2015 15:04
Is there a reason why DiagnosticVerifier.VerifyDiagnosticResults is checking if the results have the correct order? Because its currently giving me problems, as apparently diagnostic generation is not deterministic. I can't really think of reason why the order would be important.
Olly Atkins
Nov 07 2015 16:30
@vweijsters such a check is wrong right now because of dotnet/roslyn#1506. It's likely to become valid in the future.
Also note the last comment ondotnet/roslyn#372
Vincent Weijsters
Nov 07 2015 16:36
@oatkins Thanks for that info. I'll file an issue to improve DiagnosticVerifier
Sam Harwell
Nov 07 2015 18:54
Interesting we never saw a problem before