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Nov 2015
Rod Landaeta
Nov 20 2015 03:30 UTC
Hi @sharwell do you know when this is going to be published as a release version?
Sam Harwell
Nov 20 2015 05:10 UTC
@rodrigoelp we're already to a point where I would call it usable in practice. Items which need to be resolved for the 1.0 (stable) release are listed in the 1.0 RC 1 milestone.
The RC will be a hardening phase. Stable will come after 30 days of no blocking bugs on the most recent RC.
Sam Harwell
Nov 20 2015 20:58 UTC
#1795 is a pretty big deal. I'm going to be releasing Beta 17 tomorrow with a fix for it.
It doesn't affect command line builds, but if you use it heavily you'll see AD0001 messages in the IDE
Sam Harwell
Nov 20 2015 21:24 UTC
There are 5 remaining rules from StyleCop Classic which are marked to be implemented but haven't been yet. I'm considering removing the [DiagnosticAnalyzer(LanguageNames.CSharp)] attribute from them and pushing them back to a 1.1 release. Removing the attribute hides them from the UI where they would otherwise be indistiguishable from rules which work but are disabled by default. I believe new rules SA1133 and SA1134 fit into this same category because I created placeholder classes for them already.
Vincent Weijsters
Nov 20 2015 22:55 UTC
@sharwell Leave it as is for the moment. I was planning to work on them the coming week. Feel free to assign them to me.
Sam Harwell
Nov 20 2015 23:25 UTC
@vweijsters I'll make sure the 7 impacted rules are in the RC 1 milestone so you can find/grab them easily