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Sep 2017
Niek de Gooijer
Sep 22 2017 08:24
Well it does not work.. But i think i found the problem after some diging but i don't know how to solve it.. The nuget package has a install.ps1 that runs when you install the nuget package. That does not get run on mac.
Sam Harwell
Sep 22 2017 12:33
The install script is only used by legacy versions of NuGet. New versions of NuGet (including the one used by dotnet restore) know about analyzer package layouts and add the references automatically.
If you aren't using <PackageReference> for your NuGet references (which triggers the new behavior), then I wouldn't expect it to work on other platforms
Niek de Gooijer
Sep 22 2017 13:42
Then i have no idea why it does not work. i will create a test project and see if i can reproduce the issue. to provide more information. Probably will be able to do this monday