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Repo info
@mansandersson I think it depends on the lifetime of your tokens
Måns Andersson
@aortegadev that's what I also found out sometime after writing. However, I have some old documentation by a previous maintainer of my code that says it's handled by DNOA itself. Is that true or should I handle it?
I should probably add that I have studied the DNOA code and can't find anything that backs up that statement. I think it should be handled manually.
check for the listing 10
have you tried to use this one and put a watch on the list
the ICryptoKeyStore interface is defining a method called RemoveKey
i suppose it may be called by dotnetopenauth automatically?
Måns Andersson
I have an implementation much like that yes but have not checked if RemoveKey is really called. I searched the codebase however and can't see that it's called from any OAuth2 or Core library, only from OpenId
let me check
ok it was never called
maybe when using the refresh token to get a new token - but I havent implemented this process yet
ok I just saw it expires after one month (Property ExpiresUtc)
I'd suggest to write a Job checking on a specific interval, if there are any expired keys on the list and remove them
or just let the application pool recycle once a month
If you store them in the DB, maybe a SSIS Job
Måns Andersson
I was thinking of something along the same lines. Please note though, if the key corresponding to an issued refresh token is deleted the refresh token will no longer work - so if there is a requirement that the refresh token should be valid forever one cannot clean out the keys (or you have to redefine "forever" ;-)).
yea so its probably best to check the keys experiationutc date , and delete if expired (anyway it shouldnt be valid for the token any more)
wait but it may fail if it tries to get it
Is the DotNetOpenAuth project on github discarded?
I can see many open issues and not any release since 2013?
If yes, is there a maintained project?
Benjamin Soulier
Hey everyone, I am trying to build up a web app connecting to Salesforce; it works wiring it up using WebServerClient for getting user consent, but ProcessUserAuthorization method is not using the temp code returned by Salesforce to get the first Access and Refresh tokens, what am I missing?
hey guys I received an email that the facebook graph api version being used for this library will not be supported come August and they want us to upgrade to version 2.6
Are there any plans to release an updated version that uses version 2.6 of the graph api from facebook?
Eduardo Herrera
hello guys
I need guide please...
i trying to make a secure program about rolemanagement i found a lot of information but i started a month a go about it
and i will say again i'm trying to make a rolemanagement with authentication or owin
hi how to call Oauth2 web api from c#.net
محمد السكافي
This message was deleted
How are you guys?
I need to implement OAuth2.0 in C#, So is there any Sample APP in Asp.Net MVC?
Hello! I just want to do some yql queries. I have my client id and secret.. what do?
Hi some body help me on resolving issue AggregateException: Unhandled remote failure. (IDX10501: Signature validation failed. Unable to match 'kid': '2XBz17TiRqVZ0WtybtSgS8EwHdw',
i am using openidauthentication in mvc 6
Denise Michelle del Bando
@Anupam750 i would usually just create a new project with authentication in visual studio and they have a sample app with oauth in mvc
Hello Team,

Exception thrown: 'DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ProtocolException' in DotNetOpenAuth.Core.dll

Additional information: Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.

Anone Can you please help me to resolve this issue

Hello Team,

i'm facing following issue

Exception thrown: 'DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ProtocolException' in DotNetOpenAuth.Core.dll
Additional information: Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.

Anone Can you please help me to resolve this issue

Check your CallbackURL is registered in server is same, and check your client id, secret
Nikunj Prajapati
Hi is there any link for Dotnetopenouth with mvc 5?
Dmitry Kosolobov
hi there. does anyone know how to force usage of fresh ie11 browser in authorization?
Adriano Trevisan
I would like to know whether AZURE AD is supported by DotNetOpenAuth
Adriano Trevisan
I've seen that "AzureADClient" class is present, BUT it looks like refers to the "previous" implementation... not the "v2" one... does still work today or not?
Anyone has an idea?
Magne Skutle
I need a way to know which user in my system that has authorized my app. I thought maybe I could put an identifier in the "state" parameter, but DotNetOpenAuth seems to not let me set the value myself. How should I do this? (OAuth2 client app)
Brandyn Abel
Hello, I'm trying to find an example using DotNetOpenAuth to authenticate a webforms application. Does one exist?