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Hello Team,

Exception thrown: 'DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ProtocolException' in DotNetOpenAuth.Core.dll

Additional information: Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.

Anone Can you please help me to resolve this issue

Hello Team,

i'm facing following issue

Exception thrown: 'DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ProtocolException' in DotNetOpenAuth.Core.dll
Additional information: Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.

Anone Can you please help me to resolve this issue

Check your CallbackURL is registered in server is same, and check your client id, secret
Nikunj Prajapati
Hi is there any link for Dotnetopenouth with mvc 5?
Dmitry Kosolobov
hi there. does anyone know how to force usage of fresh ie11 browser in authorization?
Adriano Trevisan
I would like to know whether AZURE AD is supported by DotNetOpenAuth
Adriano Trevisan
I've seen that "AzureADClient" class is present, BUT it looks like refers to the "previous" implementation... not the "v2" one... does still work today or not?
Anyone has an idea?
Magne Skutle
I need a way to know which user in my system that has authorized my app. I thought maybe I could put an identifier in the "state" parameter, but DotNetOpenAuth seems to not let me set the value myself. How should I do this? (OAuth2 client app)
Brandyn Abel
Hello, I'm trying to find an example using DotNetOpenAuth to authenticate a webforms application. Does one exist?
How to get Google Analytics data using OAuth in .Net
Please share any solution or sample code
Hemant patidar
Hello All!
I want an example with DotNetOpenAuth authorization server.that will work
with a client with only auth_uri and token_uri
Abraham V K

Hello All,

       Have a question, posted it sometime back on stackoverflow - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42007481/dotnetopenauth-useragentclientexchangeusercredentialfortoken-how-to-pass-t

any help is appreciated.

Hi, We are trying to use dotnetopenauth to authenticate and authorize a person using a third party application
They require us to use the openid authorization flow, using signing and encryption RSA256
Can this be handled by dotnetopenauth or do we have to rely on different packages?
Harsha Sharma
Guys, we have openam identity provider, I would like to implement openID Connect using this provider instaed of all universal providers provided by DotNetopenAuth. Please can someone help.
// construct the OAuth 2.0 Authorize request
OAuthClientRequest request = OAuthClientRequest
Thiscode use apache oltu: // construct the OAuth 2.0 Authorize request
OAuthClientRequest request = OAuthClientRequest
.buildQueryMessage(); what I need help with is the equivalent of .buildQueryMessage() on .NET library DotNetOPenAuth or IdentityModel please, thank y
Siddharth Bhola
hello everyone
Can anyone please tell me how to use dotnetopenauth to provide login capabilities in mvc application for Pinterest users.
Siddharth Bhola
@mathiasbanda thanks for sharing. but its not a working example
@sbhola VS has a project template that will create a working example for you. Just through the wizard then you will have your working sample code
Siddharth Bhola
@mathiasbanda , i need working sample for OAuth2.
VS does not have template for OAuth2 for Pinterest
@sbhola Okay apologies for misleading you
Nicolas BUI
Hi guys !
Hi All
I have created a web API(.net C#) project and I want to consume some of the APIs from the provider. while consuming I need to sign the GET request with 0-legged OAuth 1.0 using the OAuth Key and Secret. I am new to OAuth 1.0,
0-legged OAuth 1.0 using the OAuth Key and Secret in web api
can some one tell me how to use
Hi all,
I am using OAuth for web security purpose, I have implemented creation of token and authorization and all, I am now stucked in refresh token implementation
can any one please help me with that ? A kind favour :)
Anish Kumar
Can we build DotNetOpenAuth against .net core 2.0 instead of .net framework?
We cant install owin oauth 2.0 authorization server in asp.net core project? Any one please suggest.
Cmon Stoke
Hi Guys, I'm quite new to open auth/id and I'm struggling to get the samples running.
Ultimately I want to use Azure AD as the only ID Provider for my relying party apps.
I have tried to run the WebRing Provider and the WebRing RP samples but I get an exception of DotNetOpenAuth.Messaging.ProtocolException: 'No OpenID endpoint found.'
but localhost is in the sample web.config whitelist and the provider is running in the browser at http://localhost:39167/
Hi all apologies have been off work for a while so hadn't looked in here. In the end I abandoned trying to adapt DotNetOpenAuth for what I wanted to achieve instead I have just used c#'s HttpWebRequest class to achieve the same result ie 2 stage authentication followed calls to the web server. If that's of any interest I will post the sample here let me know
Hi, for some reasons, when I'm using OpenIdRelyingParty it fails to verify the realm. Problem is, I have two realms, each on separate domain, on same server. If I try to log on first domain, everything is working, but during that if I try to log in on another domain, even in inkognito window or close browser and start a new one, it fails, because it tries to verify return_to value from seccond login attempt against the realm in first login attempt. Cannot find the reason why. And how it can know about the other realm. Because the realms are in web.config and chosen by country settings and by language displayed I can say the settings are OK. It's almost like there is some shared cache or something that keeps all connections and than there is some ID which I don't know about that perhaps tell the lib that for this computer there is an opened request for login.
Niraj Lama
can we use this with net core applications