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Repo info
    Hello Drew
    are you present?
    I am looking for any mason.js codepen`s as first entry learning the plugin
    You know some?
    ah I just found packery which seems more suitable to what I need!
    Drew Dahlman
    Yeah Packery works well, the only difference is that Mason creates a perfect grid packery may lead to jagged edges still
    Ruslan Kyba
    Hi Drew
    What about licence? Wanna use your plugin in my commerce project. I hope it is MIT licensed))
    Ruslan Kyba
    Srr, Now i know it is MIT licensed... Sometimes need to look wider)
    Hello Drew are you present?
    I need to evaluate some grid plugins for some technical features
    and I would like to know wether your mason.js can handle such a UI
    Can your mason.js plugin display the html elements in a top/down and left to right order?
    Or can this be done somehow programatically?