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Jul 2016
Jul 07 2016 09:05
I'm retaking my mission of modifying to support PX4. Doesn't seem too complicated, we'll see!
I've copied APM's code for ACTION_LOAD_WAYPOINTS and ACTION_SET_MISSION but the mission is not being communicated with PX4. So I need a way to step over the dronekit code but from the Tower project, is that possible??
Jul 07 2016 15:59
@Jack-2025 You should be making those changes in dronkit-android
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jul 07 2016 16:33
@Jack-2025 Yes that's possible. Setup dronekit-android with Tower as described at
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jul 07 2016 16:40
@Jack-2025 then build and launch Tower and dronekit-android in debug mode, and set breakpoints in their respective Android studio environment.
@Jack-2025 btw, where you able to update the wiki for the Tower build setup?
Jul 07 2016 18:38
Hi, why is there no intent filter for txt files in tower?
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jul 07 2016 19:28
@maka1000 there's an intent filter for plain text (since the mission file used by mission planner are regular plain text files) but it's not handled by the EditorActivity yet: