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Oct 2016
Alex Shafir
Oct 13 2016 09:51
@ne0fhyk I am using it to check existence of dronekit-android on device, if not - show dialog either to download it (from Google Play) or update it
Kelly Schrock
Oct 13 2016 16:02
@alextel69 Can you clarify what you mean by "check existence of dronekit-android on device"? Are you referring to checking to see if 3DR Services is installed? If so, you might want to consider just embedding dronekit-android in your app.
@alextel69 If you decide to stick with 3DR Services, you get an install prompt automatically when you attempt to connect to it through dronekit-android's client library anyway.
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Oct 13 2016 17:15
@alextel69 the dronekit-android v3+ doesn't depend on 3DR Services anymore. So no need to check if it's installed.