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Repo info
    i think if the base is arduino, tat will be great for me to start on
    Andrew Tridgell
    if you want to learn about the software then it may be best to fly with SITL first
    you don't need any hw at all for that
    do u know any drone is base on arduino?
    Andrew Tridgell
    ArduPilot used to be the main Arduino autopilot, but we ran out of room on the 8 bit arduino platform and stopped supporting it
    so u are saying arduino is not for large scale production?
    Andrew Tridgell
    @jimmy6 I'm saying that 8 bit Arduino doesn't have enough CPU power and flash space to handle the features our users expect now. Plenty of projects use arduino in production.
    then any Java related platform can recomment?
    Andrew Tridgell
    there may well be a java autopilot. I don't know of one myself, but there could be one. There are java simulators (eg. jmavsim)
    and java ground stations
    @tridge then y you not continue upgrade arduino and choose other platform for your customer?
    Andrew Tridgell
    Kabir Mohammed
    Are there any plans for a DroneCode presence at ELC Europe this year?
    Deon Blaauw
    Hi there. Aside from the list of companies on the DroneCode website, how many members have already signed up to the DroneCode foundation?
    Randy Mackay
    @deonblaauw, I think there's about 50 companies in total. Mostly at the silver level
    Deon Blaauw
    @rmackay9 Great, thanks!
    Craig Elder
    @deonblaauw All of the members of Dronecode are listed here https://www.dronecode.org/about/project-members
    Can university's join the dronecode foundation or just companies?
    Hiroshi Takey F. (hiro2233)
    @Chambana Just do it! and you will get a response.
    Craig Elder
    @Chambana Yes! Universities can definitely join and all educational institution memberships are sponsored by Dronecode. There is no cost to join. If you look at https://www.dronecode.org/about/project-members you will see Stanford and John Hopkins. We are always encouraging more. Please fill out the form at https://www.dronecode.org/about/join-member and I will send you an application.
    Hello All,
    I work on GPU's, Heterogeneous Computing and would like to be involved with projects and TSC involving drones and GPU's/Heterogeneous computing
    Daniel Agar
    what did you have in mind?
    This message was deleted
    Robbie Sharma
    Hello! Kudos to you all for driving the dronecode project! I would love to help :-)
    I am unsubscribing from dronecode as I consider it irrelevant now that it considers ardupilot irrelevant. http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/ardopilot-and-dronecode-part-ways
    Robert Lefebvre
    Good point buzz, I didn't realize I was still on this one.
    Hi All, I would like to use vision pose or MOCAP for indoor waypoint navigation without GPS. Currently it doesnt seem to behave as expected. For ex. if I give Vision pose (0,0,0) and also my local set point in offboard (0,0,0) It should normally shouldnt take off right because its reference and setpoint is the same? but it seems to take off. Can anyone kindly please guide me to make this possible, would be great?
    Robbie Sharma
    There is a gap between the UAVCAN and mavlink messaging protocols. For example there is no equivalent message set in mavlink if using Uavcan.equipment.esc . In reference to the px4 sapog project, the motor ESC outputs rpm, temperature, power draw etc.
    Robbie Sharma
    I see many creating their own custom message sets in mavlink to communicate this information. In general it would be nice to figure out how alignment between protocols can be improved.just a thought, interested to know if there is already a good solution to esc stuff.
    Hey Guys
    I am really new in this technology but I am really interested, someone please send me some details, how to create a drones
    Give me the the procedure to create a simple drones
    Craig Elder
    I suggest looking at ArduPilot.org

    Hola a todos, Mi nombre Heberth Ardila desde Colombia Fundador de UAVlabs Colombia
    Estamos en construccion de un espacio de desarrollo "HackerSpace" basado en todas las tecnologias que ustedes estan compartiendo con la comunidad
    hemos colgado un contenido referente a todo el proyecto DroneCode y sus componentes "Traducido al español de algunos componentes de la web"
    Saludos a toda la comunidad!!

    Hello everyone, My name Heberth Ardila from Colombia Founder of UAVlabs Colombia
    We are building a "HackerSpace" development space based on all the technologies you are sharing with the community
    We have posted content concerning the whole project DroneCode and its components "Translated into Spanish of some components of the web"
    Greetings to the whole community!!

    Hello all
    Daniel Agar
    Hello @kvinoth57
    Beatriz Palmeiro
    Hi @all, Fabricio and I are UX designers at Intel and we lead the Dronecode User Experience Working Group. The UX WG is tasked to create and promote UX resources that ease, simplify and accelerate development of products based on (or part of) the Dronecode platform. The WG started at the beginning of April, since then we’ve launched the new DC website in a partnership with the former Docs WG and now our goal is to define who are the Dronecode users and their needs. For that, we invite all of you to participate in an online survey to find out what you want from Dronecode. Please answer this short survey to help us direct our efforts, it will take ˜15 minutes. This information will be used to help improve Dronecode Project. Thank you in advance. We really appreciate your feedback. Links:
    Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/o0K5s1WItC45ngns2
    UXWG: https://wiki.dronecode.org/workgroup/ux/start
    Hello all
    How to develp apps using dronecode for android platform
    Good day...
    i need info for a jtag programmer board and the right tool for refresh a bootloader.
    Hi all
    Hi.. I am working on a Machine vision project. I would like to use Dronecode camera manager in it. I am using Basler Ace camera for it. Does this work for industrial cameras ?
    hi have anybody use Xplane with mission planner and use raptor 30 v2 Module for sitl before ?im can connect XP10 with mission planner but im cant Send mission command for Xplane10 let raptor 30 v2 fly im already try 1month.........if somebody know how to do plz help me

    I want to run PX4 on Raspberry Pi 3 using custom sensors.

    Found the board startup and configuration files located in Firmware/boards/px4/raspberrypi/ but could not figure out how and where the Raspberry Pi GPIOs have been configured. Which file configures the pin assignment?

    Also looked into Firmware/boards/emlid/navio2/ but could not find the detail.

    I specifically need information for the following Raspberry Pi pins

    18 GPIO 24 (assigned to RCIO PC10 Navio2)
    29 GPIO 5 (assigned to RCIO PC11 Navio2)

    32 GPIO 12 (assigned to RCIO Clock Navio2)
    33 GPIO 13 (assigned to RCIO Data Navio2)

    35 GPIO 19 (assigned to RCIO MISO Navio2)
    36 GPIO 16 (assigned to RCIO Chip Select Navio2)
    38 GPIO 20 (assigned to RCIO MOSI Navio2)
    40 GPIO 21 (assigned to RCIO SCLK Navio2)

    Alex Albert
    inertial sense pixhawk??
    Ryuji Kawai

    Hello, I'm developping a drone with vslam ability.
    Normally, helicopter shot drone has gimbal camera with hanging style.
    but, it is not suitable to narrow space cognition.
    Threfore, I did mod a cheap gimbal unit to up style.
    Play a below movie.

    3axis gimbal mod for reverse use case https://youtu.be/Ps6NkEdA1ug @YouTube

    Islam SEDDIK
    first of all I would like to thank you for your support
    and then I am a beginner in this field (I know programming in c and c ++ because I am a computer scientist) I wanted to know is it possible that I start to program controller firmware for drone directly ?
    another question is there a solution to program firmware and then test them in a virtual environment (without assembling a drone each time)