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Repo info
    Thanks :smile:
    wht to do after getting the code parameter from dwolla?
    can anyone help me?
    also where to download this package "../lib/dwolla.php" ?
    anyone online here?
    hi iam trying to integrate a recurring dwolla api in my php codeignite application ca i do this?
    David Stancu
    @Nisthar you must use composer to install dwolla-php
    you can find it at
    @sreejilv read this guide to help you get started on creating application credentials:
    afterwards hit up for the details on the scheduled api
    and just ping me here if you need anymore help! :)
    in recurring payment ,how to transfer the fund instantly....with out waiting two or more days?
    David Stancu
    you would need to have a FiSync enabled bank for that @sreejilv
    otherwise, your funds are transferred to your bank via ACH
    I am having the same issue with installing dwolla through composer. Can you please help me. I also posted a issue on github Dwolla/dwolla-php#62.
    I followed the below steps for installing:Created a directory on ftp server.
    Opened shell.
    curl -sS | php
    Created a composer.json file
    composer install
    After the above command the vendor directory is created.
    when I am trying to run composer require dwolla/dwolla-php, I am getting the above mentioned error.
    Hi Everyone, I am new user and want to transfer money from one account to another account using dwolla
    is their no one
    Corey A. Spitzer
    Why is dwolla-php not a dependency of dwollaswagger? I'm a Dwolla newbie and going through the intro docs and guides, there are a couple references to downloading dwollaswagger, but it was only by looking through the Dwolla GitHub account that I found dwolla-php.
    Is there some doc section I missed that would be a better starting point?


    I am getting this error.
    Fatal error: Class 'GuzzleHttp\Client' not found in /home/anaadit/public_html/dwolla/lib/client.php on line 347

    Please tell me installations need to install on server and how i can install.

    Please help me to fix this issue.


    Hi ,
    Please help me out to resolve error Fatal error: Class 'GuzzleHttp\Client' not found in ... /dwolla/lib/client.php on line 347
    Hi, everybody. dwolla-php can't be installed on PHP 5.4?
    Yes it's supported on PHP 5.4, I just need to enable swap.