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Mar 2015
Jason Berlinsky
Mar 25 2015 15:27
Morning guys!
This is a bit of a departure from the specific Ruby implementation, but quick question about the API as a whole
There's a great onboarding system in place if I send a payment to a phone number/email. However, it would be beneficial to have something like that without the required overhead of sending a payment -- just a simple way to sign a user up, then receive their account ID so we can send payments to it later.
The solution that comes to mind is us emailing them a link to Dwolla ourselves, then using OAuth to collect their account ID. But this might be confusing for a user. Do y'all have any insight into a potentially better UX?
David Stancu
Mar 25 2015 19:24
Hi @Jberlinsky!
We used to have a register user endpoint, but it was deprecated and removed due to low usage numbers - at least as far as I can remember
I'm going to relay your information to the appropriate people and let you know what comes of it :)