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Mitesh Shah
Harshad Yeola

EasyEngine 3.0 Beta is now available for all. Manage #Nginx #Wordpress setup easily https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/tree/python now in #Python

Checkout #docs here: http://docs.rtcamp.com/EasyEngine
Mitesh Shah
EasyEngine 3.0 in Python is released! https://rtcamp.com/blog/easyengine-3-python-release/
Mitesh Shah
anybody online?
Mitesh Shah
@djradivip Hey
EasyEngine 3.1 released with #HHVM & #PageSpeed support
Just wanted to thank you guys EasyEngine is really really awesome I have never seen such a great script to autoinstall all these servers so fast and easy, HHVM / PageSpeed is the most amazing thing I have ever seen
Josef Ježek
Hi, anybody online?
Josef Ježek
How to use Super Cache + fastcgi?
Rahul Bansal
@xkidro thanks :-)
@JosefJezek please continue on rtCamp/easyengine#509
Clifton Griffin
Anyone know why wpfc and wpredis are mutually exclusive? One is static caching the other is object caching. Both are desirable in tandem.
Redis speeds up WP admin tremendously, FastCGI cache speeds up the front end tremendously. Having to choose between the two makes no sense to me.
I would also like to know if we can use both wpfc and wpredis.
Please help me
I set up ee to digital ocean vps
But i have error
Unable to download file, /var/www/22222/htdocs/db/adminer/index.php
Chris Borgia
going to try and help you guys (as recent requests to your public URLS have error'd out)
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.11.32 PM.png
this is what i see when i hit rtbiz.io
what i see when i hit https://rtcamp.com/..
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.15.03 PM.png
same thing
doubt it is ONLY me, not sure why/if i could be ONLY me... but wanted to chime in here to help out, let me know how/if i can help (and thanks for ee)
Tobias Mühl
@clifgriffin I think wpredis has 2 caching layers, one for objects and one for site caching. That's why you need the Nginx helper plugin
just created a bash script to auto backup easyengine website to google drive, or minio, i think it help for someone, https://github.com/backendbox/easyengine-cloud-backup
Harshad Yeola
@backendbox cool. Thanks for sharing
Arthur Corenzan
hello there, how you guys are managing deployments with EE?
Harshad Yeola
@haggen deployments in the sense? deploying what? themes, plugins?
if its is like same as I think above then this is not supported yet
Joe Archer
Hi, is there any way to change the php version a wp site uses from 7 to 5? Or do I have to edit the config manually
Is there a way to install easyengine without nginx from the get-go? I run another server type but I’d like to have easyengine install everything else.
Michael McNeill
@joearcher Have you tried ee site update example.com --php7=off?
Alex Wang
I'm curious if it's possible to manually edit EasyEngine's scripts (like, the script that executes ./letsencrypt-auto -d soandso.com -d www.soandso.com to create LE certs). This is because I'd like to remove the requirement of having an A record for the WWW subdomain to use Let's Encrypt. With over 50 subdomains, this results in me having 200 DNS records for subdomains alone (WWW A and AAAA, root A and AAAA for each subdomain)
Vincent J.
was the rtCamp repo removed from opensuse?
can't seem to install on Debian, in sources list I see http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/rtCamp:/EasyEngine/Debian_8.0/ but this doesn't exist
Robert Wilde
I still use wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee to do install of ee
Vincent J.
sorry I can install, but rather cannot create a site as it cannot connect to download the stack
Rahul Bansal
Please use for future discussion community.rtcamp.com/c/easyengine or join easyengine slack http://slack.easyengine.io/
khaled samra
Hello, Any correct way to setup SFTP access with V4
@thiras:matrix.org bridge test
hi there
How to disable cache css white developing.
Im not receiving fresh copy of style.css despite it is no server
chrome has all possible caches off
nginx refuses to cooperate