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Jan 2016
Jan 10 2016 15:12
Hi I have added x64 Stackwalk support by adding exception unwind infos for the trampoline code. That alone is not enough because when the return address is overwritten the stack is still unwalkable. To mitigate this I have extended the Begin/EndStacktrace methods to allow to backpatch the trampoline return address with the return addresss of the first hooked methon the current thread. That was done for x64 and x86. This was quite a journey to get it right. Now I have some code which I could submit but I tried to push a x64Stackwalk branch into the git repro but it was forbidden. Is it no possible to submit branches to github or do I need some permissions? It could also be that VS2015 tries to commit my branch to the master. I have not much experience with git yet. An answer is not immediately neeeded because I am off for 3 weeks in the carribian sea now ;-). But when I come back I am glad if things have sorted out how I can commit stuff or I send the changes as zip file via mail.
Justin Stenning
Jan 10 2016 23:15
@Alois-xx enjoy ur holiday! I'll create a branch, you will need to check it out and then do a pull request rather than a push.
@Alois-xx you will need to fork the repository, commit the change there and then submit the pull request
@Alois-xx i've created a "develop" branch for you to submit the pull request to