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Mar 2016
Mar 01 2016 03:55
Hi spazzarama, is my fork still on the list to be back merged to the main line? Just wanted to know if any issues need to be solved.
Justin Stenning
Mar 01 2016 06:19
@Microwave89 I agree, I want to adjust it to allow hooks to be installed from kernel into processes rather than attempt to completely violate all of MS's wishes and try to hook kernel methods themselves, supporting something with PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine makes complete sense.
@Alois-xx yes I just have a bit of work stuff on at the moment - although I may consider putting it into a 2.8/3.0 branch as I want to get 2.7 done and dusted since it has been a never ending version ;)
Mar 01 2016 12:21
Thanks for the answer! If I understood correctly you don't disable PatchGuard by now but EasyHook is not designed for kernel patching on 64-bits systems. The driver's main purpose is then to place the hooks into a processes VA space, right?