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Mar 2016
Justin Stenning
Mar 25 2016 04:26
@TinkerWorX yeah I was thinking the same thing last night, problem is that there are a lot of parameter combinations :P Perhaps some util assembler running as part of the trampoline that works off a provided parameter count.
Nikolaj Mariager
Mar 25 2016 11:48
@spazzarama, Yeah possibly. But actually ... To go from fastcall to stdcall, as far as I can tell, wouldn't it just be a matter of pushing EDX and ECX? The other parameters are already on the stack, we just need EDX and ECX there as well. They both return through EAX obviously. I'll try and look into it. Maybe I can at least make a solution that works for my case.
Nikolaj Mariager
Mar 25 2016 20:18
@spazzarama, What exactly happens when I inject a hook? Could I inject any address? Or does it have to be a function? I guess there isn't really "functions" in assembly, but does it have to follow some kind of pattern?