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Jun 2016
Sérgio Fonseca
Jun 29 2016 19:18
Hi guys. I'm in need of recompiling EasyHook in order to increase the amount of hooks, as I need almost 200 hooks and the official release supports only up to 128.
The problem is that I'm getting DllNotFoundException on EasyHook32.dll with HRESULT 0x8007007F for windows XP SP3 X86.
Even if I stash all my changes and simply click on build.bat the files that are generated still cause this issue.
If I simply replace all my recompiled files with the official release ones the project works just fine.
That makes me believe I am missing something when I build. Can someone help me?
Justin Stenning
Jun 29 2016 20:28
Best option is use the build script as you need to build a number of projects for multiple configurations