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Aug 2016
Alessio Parzian
Aug 25 2016 13:41 UTC
@spazzarama Hi! I'm testing easyhook and works great. I was wondering, do you plan to port it also for ARM and ARM64? If not, I would be interested in doing so, do you have some advices or some more documentation? I had a look to the ASM source code and there are no comments.. Not so straightforward to understand ^^ I just need a light push for starting in the right way. I thank you very much in advance.
Justin Stenning
Aug 25 2016 21:40 UTC
@parzio sounds like a worthy goal. The trampoline ASM sets some context, stashes the stack and implements a basic thread barrier. I would start with absolute basics and instead work on a trampoline for ARM separately and then look at the thread barrier stuff later. Also would need to replace the disassembler (the main reason I haven't looked at this yet).