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Apr 2017
Apr 24 2017 20:51 UTC
Hello @spazzarama , didn't realize the project moved... its been that long since I've been back. Wondering if anyone else had humongous problems with EasyHook after the windows 10 anniversary update? I had some pretty huge problems. Most of them stemmed from functions I hook in GDI32.dll. After some investigation and some support time with microsoft. It turns out that the GDI32.dll library has been broken up into 3, GDI32.dll, GDI32full.dll, and GDI32min.dll, and now some of the exports within GDI32.dll are actually "DLL Forwards" into the other binaries. It appears that easy hook fails to hook these kinds of methods and causes stability in any application I hook into. Does anyone else have this problem?