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May 2017
Nikolaj Mariager
May 08 2017 13:57
@spazzarama A while ago I made a fairly inefficient, but very usable way of hooking __fastcall with EasyHook. Would this be something that might be interesting to add to EasyHook?
What I do is pretty much just wrapping the calls in a body that goes from __fastcall -> __stdcall and __stdcall -> __fastcall.
I say inefficient, but I haven't actually tested it yet.
Justin Stenning
May 08 2017 21:31
@TinkerWorX i think I have an issue created for fastcall support, can't remember. Certainly interested in checking your approach, I have also found some IL emitting code that can help (ie I believe MSIL supports fastcall but C# doesn't)