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May 2017
Nikolaj Mariager
May 21 2017 16:37
Can I add something like a detour with EasyHook? So far I've always been hooking actual functions, but can I create a detour in the middle of a function in any way?
Nikolaj Mariager
May 21 2017 16:45
I've tried installing an an empty cdecl and stdcall function and both causes crashes, but I'm unsure if it's because it's not supported or because I'm doing something wrong.
Nikolaj Mariager
May 21 2017 17:20
In case it matters, here's where I want to install a detour:
It's a while loop and I want a function of mine called each time it loops.
Justin Stenning
May 21 2017 21:11
Might have to check registers and stack before and after, see if something is off.
we may need to add additional logic to support this scenario if there are any issues